Mademoiselle Robot + KIND = exclusive collaboration

It would appear that I am always full of exciting news at the moment… Maybe it is because I love you all and maybe it is because I am a workaholic. This is one of the mysteries of the Universe and will remain so until the day Shiba Inus rule the Earth.
In the meantime, I am pleased to tell you everything about my exclusive collaboration with KIND, one of my absolute favourite designers. If you don’t know who I am talking about, please read my interview with Mister Kind and then have a look at their Fall Winter 2009 collection… then weep softly as you don’t yet own anything by them.

KIND cape
Massive flashback – Long brown hair!
BUT THEN, REALLY QUICKLY CONSOLE YOURSELF as Mademoiselle Robot is flying to your rescue in her KIND cape, like a fashion superhero. Very shortly, I will start selling some KIND classics in my shop for less than half of the usual retail price. The prices will range from £80 to £100 for beautifully crafted cashmere knits and I just know you will love them.
vestido-pajaro KIND
Photo courtesy of KIND
We will first have three pieces on offer (with various sizes and colourways available) and these pieces will change regularly, giving you the opportunity to explore the KIND classic collection.
I will let you know when the items hit the shop. I am super excited about this, I hope you are too (you better be, otherwise I might have to come to your house and MAKE YOU).