Interesting Internet Bites

Illustration by Jeanne-Aurore Colleuille
Please do not reproduce without permission.
While I am running around in the rain searching for good Fashion Week stuff to entertain you, I would like to share a few Internet Bites from the past week:
♥ My sister wrote a very interesting article about “Less is More” and minimal dressing. I am not just saying that because she is my sister by the way.
♥ After Liberty London Girl‘s big reveal this week, Random Fashion Coolness published a great piece about identity.
♥ I love to read July Stars insightful comments about fashion, and sometimes I like to be reminded via her blog how alike we think. This post about Hopi Botanicals really spoke to my inner Indian specialist.
♥ It is official, McQueen will continue to trade. I am very interested to see how this evolves.
I hope you enjoy reading these. Have you come across interesting articles this week?