SS2010 - I want candy!


As London Fashion Week approaches once more, I finally went and delved into my lookbook pile from September. For a while, I thought I wouldn't start writing about Spring/Summer as we were just entering snow  and chocolate log territory, but now, despite the heavy snow, I can only think of one thing: spring is a-comin'...

And this year, Spring is bringing an array of beautiful candy coloured clothes I can't wait to put my hands on! I am all over the silky soft tailoring and the ultra feminine hues.

Here are a few looks that made an impression on me and will no doubt inspire my outfit choices come Spring. I like Minimarket's and Goodone's take on pastels, injecting a bit of strong colours here and there. For a more effortless/timeless style, I would go for Lehee or F+F version of pastels: powdery colours worn with gray or black.

From top to bottom:

F+F at Tesco (from the press day)


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