Another challenging dress: Erin Fetherston for Target

There is definitely a theme to this week’s outfit posts: the challenging dresses. Since I have been sorting through my wardrobe and selling a few bits, I had to try on a lot of dresses to see if they would make the cut. Justin bought me this one last year, it was originally going to be my birthday dress but it didn’t fit right on the boobs (damn you, boobies – did I mention how annoying it is to see your boobs get EVEN bigger than they were before after having a kid?). This shape is a bit difficult if you are on the boobilicious side of life, but there are ways around it, and some dresses of this shape have a better cut which means you can actually fit your boobs in the top without having to go a size up and wear a shapeless dress. Sorry, I kind of just threw the story of my life on you here, but it is the sad truth: some girls out there have boobage/ a big rack/ crazy bazoongas and they still want to wear cute dresses IN THEIR SIZE. I am shivering just thinking of the horrid adverts this rant about boobs is going to attract on this site. I can already imagine the emails “Dear Mademoiselle, We love your blog, and we were particularly interested by what you said about having big bazoongas so how about you give us free SEO for our line of ugly granny bras for big breasted women? Regards, John“.
Well I totally didn’t mean for this post to turn into a rant about my boobs, but I suppose it had to come out at some point, right? Please don’t judge me. Look, I will say it one more time and then it is over “BOOBIES”. There, I said it.
To cut a long story short, when I tried on this dress again I thought it was really nice and I even wore it the very same day. It is quite dressy, but with a little cami underneath and a long mannish cardigan, it works for the daytime too. I am thinking of dyeing the top black though as the white silk is a little bit too see through (but not in a good way).
Right, I am going to post this before I start regretting going on about you know what.



Dress – Erin Fetherston for Target
Cardigan – Topshop
Coat – Luella
Bag – Vintage
Shoes – Vintage, but later swapped for my Urban Outfitters Dolce Vita boots (snow snow snow cold cold cold)

ps – Yes I know I am French and I am wearing a beret, how cliché, right? But I feel a strong sense of entitlement.