H! By Henry Holland

Henry Holland is a babe
I am just back from the unveiling of H! By Henry Holland, the collection he designed especially for Debenhams.  The whole thing doesn’t really scream Holland, instead it screams My So Called Life. There is a definite Angela Chase vibe coming from all the checks and floral prints. There is also something very comforting about the range, featuring a trouser suit that looks just like super cool jammies.
The whole thing is very coherent and above all, very wearable. It is quite removed from the runway trends, the colours are bright, the prints are bold… and it would seem that the key trend will be mixing and matching checks & florals. I quite like the way they subtly work together.
This is not going to change the face of fashion forever, this is not really bringing anything new to the table – it is even recycling some old ideas like the magazine bag for example, that was done by Patricia Field  before – but it is unpretentious and cute. I would most definitely wear a lot of the pieces I saw tonight, but I would do so even if they weren’t signed by Henry Holland. They are wearable everyday high street pieces (at high street prices, thank you) that will keep you going through the Spring and Summer basically.
Jordan Catalano says “Yes” to bum ruffles.
Brian Krakow says “YES” to boob ruffles.
The collection will be available from February in store.
They scream Open Ceremony, but they are announced at £30.
Aaaaaaand little old me – that’s a lot of little old me for a day, I know, I knowz.
Jacket – Warehouse
Skirt – Vintage
Hair clips – Kamilla Antonio (I have a pair of these for you in my Christmas hamper… more on this on the 9th)

Since so many of you want to know what my nailspolish is, there you go, here is a link to it!
ASOS Paint (in Sienna)