Day of the Dead, some witching around in the park and conversation with some squirrels.

Halloween weekend was pretty fun although no wild parties were involved. I was entertaining my 14 year old cousin so we stayed in, had a couple of friends over and watched Sam Raimi’s Drag me to Hell. Just like any Raimi movies, it was pretty damn funny with a side order of gore. LOVE IT. I am pretty much a zombie/horror movie/serial killer fiend, so Halloween & the Day of the Dead are two of my favourite things.
There were multiple Day of the Dead related activities going on at the British Museum, so we went to check it out. I was especially excited by the parade as I absolutely love the Mexican skeleton figures. The aesthetic makes me all gooey inside.
I also got to witch around the park on the way, stomping on crunchy leaves and fully enjoying a perfect Autumn day. Seriously, I know it is raining half the time at the moment, but what’s not to love in the Fall?
Trousers – H&M
Jacket (under cape) – Warehouse
Tee-shirt – Vintage
Shoes – Vintage

Bag – thrifted

Since so many of you want to know what my nailspolish is, there you go, here is a link to it!
ASOS Paint (in Sienna)

One thing you must know before I go, is that I am completely fluent in squirrel. If there is a squirrel anywhere in a park, I can call it and it comes and sits by my feet, or does a little dance, it depends. I SWEAR ON MY LIFE. On Sunday, I called about 5 (FIVE) squizzers in 5 minutes.
This is one of them:
He says “hi” by the way.