Wish List /Make it Mine

Yesterday, I went to Swanfield pop-up shop, in the heart of Kingly Court to meet Katherine Pont and have a first look at her new collection. She is an illustrator turned designer and the talent behind London based label Mine.

I was originally going to write a global post about the boutique, but everything there is special enough to deserve its own post! Put it this way: I rarely go into a shop where I would wear absolutely everything. Swanfield is a love at first sight, drool on the floor, epileptic fit, jaw dropping, making a fool of myself kind of shop. So yeah… Sit tight as there will be other posts on the subject.

But back to Mine (no this is not an invitation, boys)… The new collection is called “Tick Tock order” and was inspired by “Repent Harlequin!” said the ticktockman, a science-fiction short story from the 1960’s. In the story, the future is regulated and people are punished when they are late. Being guilty of tardiness herself, Katherine has reversed the power play in her collection, turning the time keeper into a lazy cat, and using prints featuring Harlequin sitting on the hands of a clock.

The 60’s inspiration is also felt very strongly in some of shapes Katherine used in her collection. You will find shift dresses etc, but with modern detailing such as deconstructed collars, cut out shapes and a play on volumes.

I absolutely love how pretty and girly everything is, while staying totally easy to wear and grown-up. The fabrics and colour palette are very delicate, the detailing is extremely clever and the whole thing just make sense. I love a collection that actually makes sense and fulfills its ambitions. I can’t wait for the collection to be available to get myself a few pieces!

Swanfield will be in Kingly Court till January 5th, if you are in London, you should definitely go and have a look!