Get a grown up style with Ugly Betty

Teasers announcing Ugly Betty‘s new look were everywhere this Summer, so I was quite impatient for the new season to start to witness it first hand. I refused to look around for leaked set photos as I wanted to know the story behind her makeover.
I was a bit dubious at first as to why they would want to change her style, as it is such a big part of her identity and sums up quite how unique and different Betty is in this fictional fashion world full of dominatrix in killer heels. I am a big fan of Betty’s usual style, from its terrible faux-pas to its genius layering and glorious patterns arrangements.
Without giving away too much in case you haven’t seen the show yet, Betty basically gets a promotion and needs a more polished image to fit her new responsibilities. It all happens quite suddenly and the next thing you know, Betty is all grown up.
I really wanted to write about Betty’s transformation because it is something a lot of people ask me for when they come to see me for style consultations: they want to achieve more grown up, more polished, style often because of a promotion, or just because of turning 30!
I think Betty’s makeover is actually quite successful. They kept what makes Betty “Betty” (the colours, the chunky accessories, the glasses) but took it to the next level. The quirkiness factor is still there but she is now totally ruling the fashion industry. 
I especially liked her take on the power suit, made more feminine by a blue jacket and cute yellow shoes  (and that tiny red briefcase? I am going to stop breathing till someone gives me one). However I am not yet convinced by the Chanel inspired suit, as I find it too frumpy on her, despite that red belt. I loved the little black dress she wore at the end of the second episode (sorry I didn’t get a screen cap of this one!).
Here is how to emulate Betty’s new look – it is a great way to bring a bit of fun in the workplace.
I am very curious about what’s next on Betty’s makeover list. There has been talk about removing the braces which would be a big step, but style wise, I do wonder which direction they will take her in. Will they push her further and further into a more fashion conscious style or will there be a sudden plot change where she realises she wants to be her old self again and goes back to quirky layering?
What do you think? And more importantly, if you watch Ugly Betty: the makeover – yay or nay?