Innerspace – Home Office details: the Filofax “Beauty GiftBox”

I love the internet, I love electronic gadgets, I love smart phones. I do everything on my computer: working, shopping, listening to music, watching TV. There is one thing however that I never really manage to translate from the real life to the online world and it is my diary. I need paper and I need post it notes. Like most women, I have a very emotional relationship with my diary so I need it to be tangible, I need to feel its weight in my bag and I need to use a pen to write in it. 

Looking back at old diaries, I can tell what mood I was in when jolting down a meeting or scribbling a to-do list just by looking at the state of my handwriting. And I like this. As well as keeping my work and life organised, my diary is also a graphic record of my emotional state. I haven’t been keeping an actual diary (in the “Dear Diary” sense) for years so it is nice to have this record on my agenda.
Last week, I went to the launch of the Filofax Beauty GiftBox, where I was kindly given a brand new Filofax. It is pink, with all the trimmings and it is already my new best friend. After only a weekend of usage, it has post-it notes, dates, article cuttings in the back cover, the works! I used to be a big Filofax fiend when I was in High School and University. I had a black leather one that ended up bursting because I was always filling it up so much. I think it is possibly my mum who gave me the love for FIlofax as I remember her using this bright red snakeskin effect one that for me was the epitome of glamour!
Now I have my own little glam pad, I wonder if Mila will be as fascinated by it…
I was talking about the emotional value of the FIlofax, and I think my new pink companion has taken the lead as it comes equipped with a mirror and an atomiser pen. What is more comforting than smelling your favourite scent anywhere, or seeing a familiar face (yours) in a scary meeting? There is a Feng Shui theory that basically says that taking a good look at yourself in the morning helps reinforce your sense of identity. Well now you can reinforce that sense of identity EVERYWHERE, in a subtle way.
As for the rest of the package, you also get a booklet of vouchers for various free beauty treatments, which is pretty sweet as well!
This special set is available online and it costs £40. I think that would make a cute gift, don’t you?
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