Wish List / NW3 by Hobbs

Another “mum inspired” post. There must be a theme this week, even though we are far, far away from mother’s day! Are you picking up what I am putting down? Yeah. It is all in the title. I am writing a wish list of stuff from Hobbs. If it wasn’t for my dear maman, I would have never ever set foot in Hobbs, dismissing it as too classic or too old for me. Even though there is a shop minutes away from my house. It is just one of these brands, you know? Recently though, whether it is because I am getting older or because they are going through some serious rebranding, I have been finding a few things in there. I didn’t buy anything, mind you as a) it is a little over budget for high street stuff and b) the dresses are too long!
But now the rules have changed since they have launched their new “contemporary” range, NW3. This is another thing I should have mentionned at the end of the Summer after I went to take a peek at the collection, but I wasn’t in the mood then. Now with chilly Autumn banging on my door, all I can think about is this cape:

It is so pretty, so very autumnal it makes me want to go do cartwheels in Hampstead Heath, even though I can’t do cartwheels. Ok, so a leaves battle will suffice.
Here are my picks from the collection, but go ahead and have a browse because there is a massive potential there ready to be unleashed and taken out of the Hampstead safety zone. No offence, Hampsteadites, I know some of you are the coolest people in the world ever, you know who you are, SMOOCHES.
Have you seen those shoes?!? I am a sucker for “pretty ugly” shoes and these mutant tassely brogues are just perfect. You gotta love a super chunks heel. I would give super special props to that mad satchel as well. Purple patent, yes please. I am just saying, Santa, but I have been a really good girl this year, I have worked my ass off and been a terrific mum, sitting through tantrums like a Shaolin Monk, so I THINK THIS SATCHEL SHOULD BE UNDER THE TREE. Yah? Thanks.
Are there any brands that surprised you this season? Who’s your daddy?