Fashion, meet Technology. Technology, meet Fashion.

Last night, I went to the Design Museum as I was invited by LG to the launch of their new mobile phone: the LG Chocolate BL40. Now, even though I do appreciate a nice piece of technology, I am no phone specialist. I love my G1, I am amused by the iPhone but that’s about it… Or at least that was about it, until the start of the Blade Runner style presentation of the new LG Chocolate. I don’t mean to sound cheesy or anything, but for a second I did feel like I was in one of those movie scenes when a CEO unveils the product of the future… This is precisely what this phone seems to be!
Wayne Hemingway (founder of Red Or Dead) did a wonderful presentation about innovative design, tying together alternative Fashion (my heart skipped a beat when he mentioned the sorely missed Kensington Market), sustainable design and innovation… “all this to introduce a phone” I hear you say? Well yeah. All this to introduce a phone, but a bloody good one, if I judge by the quick demonstration we received from one of the LG “trainers”.
I am really loving the latex stockings, already spotted at the Agent Provocateur bash last Winter.
I was extremely impressed by how well thought the event was and at how LG really did manage to integrate their products into modern design history. They featured design history tidbits on the walls and models were posing with various LG phones, using them as a Fashion accessory. HI MALE MODEL, YOU LOOK LIKE WERNER SCHREYER, I LOVE YOU, LET’S RUN AWAY TOGETHER.


If you want to know more about the tech side of things, you should head over to BitchBuzz to read Cate’s review of the phone in great detail!

And this is what I wore to the event… Not massively exciting, but I can show you my new jacket!

Jacket – Miss Selfridge