Mademoiselle Robot loves Jeffrey Campbell

I have already written him a love letter, I want to wear his shoes for my wedding, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love his designs… If I carry on like this, I might as well become JC’s official spokesperson.
I don’t think I even need to introduce the talented Jeffrey Campbell to you! Besides, nothing I can say a few lines will convey the pure talent of this shy L.A. dad & shoe genius.

❤ How did you get into shoe design?

I started in the stockroom at Nordstrom‘s in Seattle. I was still in High School. I then started working for other companies all the way up to my late thirties. My wife actually supported me and encouraged me to go out on my own. She gave me the courage to create Jeffrey Campbell, she still runs much of our in house business today. My brother also is a huge part of this business. It’s family.

❤ Where do you get your inspiration?

We literally pull from everywhere and lots of vintage. Lots of cues from our favorite clothing designers for colorway or treatment etc. We love to see what hip girls are putting together on their own. We try to translate that for next season. We like to people watch in Brooklyn or Silverlake. I have an employee in NYC with whom I am constantly emailing pics and tear sheets, ideas and must haves.

JC Image 1

❤ Do you have a muse?

My lovely daughters, Amber and Brigitte. They are my life muses.

❤ What is your all time favourite movie and why?

I usually only get to watch movies on flights these days… So I like a movie that goes well with a nice airline wine! I like movies about people’s lives, about change or life obstacles. I also like mindless humor. I love to laugh.

❤ Five songs that make you happy?

Five bands on my IPOD work? The Ramones, early Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash. I should stop before I sound old. I often have times like that with my daughters in the car…I ask who it is and they pretend i’m the craziest person in the world…”Dad, that’s NEO!!!”

❤ Can you tell me about your day?

If I did it would bore you to tears. I work with a tiny staff of five people. We work so hard and long, all doing so many different jobs. The best part of the day is when my favorite stores call the office to say something is selling! I feel like my staff and our combined efforts are truly the reason we are where we are. We are a family.

❤ What are you wearing right now? Can we have a photo?

I am so shy, one thing I never do is photos. I get nervous!! I wear a lot of vintage. I love shopping at Wasteland in LA and at American Rag. I keep it pretty simple. Lots of short sleeve button downs, and trousers. I like to go vintage shopping with my daughter, she dresses me a lot. She actually designed two shoes last year, she is 15 and soon to be my boss!

JC Image 2

❤ Do you have pets?

We have two crazy dogs, three beautiful children and a bunny.

❤ Describe your dream house.

My dream house includes a nice place for all my children and a space my wife can cook and entertain in. I feel very lucky to have the house we do in LA. We are always fixing it up to make it just the way we like it. I love being home. I live in a very quiet LA neighborhood. Maybe I already own my dream home!

❤ Do you have any links you would like to share with us?

I read blogs and style sites all day. I like to see what young people are writing about, listening to, caring about. I also like google images, it is very creepy. I like, I wish I had time like all those kids on that site, it’s actually amazing.

❤ Will you marry me? *crazy stalker face*

I am already married, but I will tell you this, she is European… So maybe I have a type!! My wife is French!!!

(note – good thing I am already engaged too then!)

For all U.K. JC fans: new styles are arriving at bunnyhug monthly. His shoes are also sold at Hoxton Boutique in London. I am going there RIGHT NOW.