Wish List / Willow Feathered dress, I LOVE YOU, I NEED YOU!

Miss Elle from Broke & Beautiful and Jen from Awakened Aesthetic both agreed last night on Twitter that they wanted to see me in this dress from Willow:

I have to say this is a great choice, as soon as I saw the dress I wanted it badly. Now the price tag put me off a little bit as I definitely can’t afford to spend $650 on a dress at the moment. Which really is a shame because I know I would wear it all the time, and most importantly, I think it would make a PERFECT wedding dress (for next summer). I wonder if they have stockists in London, because now I need to try it on. I am afraid Elle & Jen have given me something to obsess about. Thanks girls!

This is possibly how I would wear it if I owned it. Giant clock and bird cages optional. I think it would look amazing and completely out of this world with the unicorn heels from ModCloth & a headband from Buddug. Although I am pretty sure my Oh Deer headband made by Mary would do the trick also. Or maybe her raincloud fascinator… Dude, maybe I am getting carried away.

Willow Dress
Willow Dress by Mademoiselle Robot on Polyvore.com

Mind you, if each of my subscribers was to give me $1, then I would be able to get it. OMG, blog begging. ALERT!!! I should rename my blog “Mademoiselle Hobo”. Geddit?

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Seriously though. People over at Willow, or at 25Park, if you hear me, I would be the best mum ever for this dress. Total blogger sellout.

Before I disappear in a cloud of smoke, I urge you all to have a look at Broke & Beautiful’s Dress your Blogger, because it is possible the funniest idea ever for a post (and the blog is pretty sweet to0).

ps –

Dear Anonymous,

Before you start calling me a prostitute or something worse because I ask people for stuff, why don’t you shut your mouth, reach for that wallet and do something useful for once, yes? You have A LOT to be forgiven for. I keep long and hard sexy grudges.