Mademoiselle Robot loves Leon Bailey Green

Leon Bailey-Green is an online Fashion Consultant. I am sure you have all heard of him by now as it was only last week that he released the Online Fashion 100 in the Independent (you can also download the file from his own website), a list of inspirational,interesting and influential people in the online fashion industry”. He very kindly accepted to take some time off his hectic schedule to answer a few questions for

❤ Tell me more about your job.

I help fashion websites raise their profile online to either sell more (if they’re a retailer), or attract users (if it’s a content website).

❤ How did you start doing it?

I got a PC and the internet for my 14th birthday, taught myself to design websites and my desire to be a TV Producer went out of the window – I fell in love with the internet.

After college I got a job with a web design firm as a junior designer, then started enjoying the idea of marketing the websites I was designing. After a while I wanted to mix all this with fashion, something I have always been interested in.

❤ What do you think of the current state of the Fashion blogosphere?

The more the better! Although (as I’ve said before on my blog it’s really important for new bloggers to write about something absolutely specific; or have a unique writing style.

We need more fashion blogs aimed at niches.

❤ How did you put together the Online Fashion 100?

It was a long but very enjoyable process.

❤ Which blogs or websites do you read everyday?

Media Guardian, Drapers and Brand Republic keep me up to date with what’s going on in the industry.

Seth Godin is a marketing genius, his blog is great and he even linked to me once; something I still haven’t got over!

I like to read Stylist Stuff by my friend Rebekah Roy, there are always interesting insights from her life as a fashion stylist.

I need my celebrity gossip too. Daily Mail and Digital Spy are two of my favourite websites for this.

❤ Describe your style?

Weekday is all about coloured skinny trousers and shirts, whilst weekends mean baggy denim and ugg boots.

❤ How many pairs of glasses do you own? Which one is your favourite?

I have about 10 pairs. The ones I am wearing in the headshot of my blog are my favourites.

❤ What would you wear on a date?

That’s something I would worry about if it happened!

❤ 90210 or Gossip Girl?

90210 all the way! I wish it was on more often. AnnaLynne McCord‘s character (Naomi) is my favourite. I can’t wait for the Tori Spelling episodes to air.

❤ Designer or vintage?

Vintage. It’s rewarding rummaging through and finding something perfect.

❤ London or Paris?
London. It’s home.

Photo – Courtesy of Metropolitan Hotel, London