31 Jul 2008

What I am wearing / My jammies

The outfit today is my jammies, because tonight, I am so tired of packing and running around everywhere. Sooooo tired.

I wish it was monday already and I was sitting by the swimming pool sipping on some rose.
Goodnight everyone, see you in Dreamsville.


Je suis tellement fatiguee de faire les valises et de courir partout que ma tenue du jour... est mon pyjama.

Bonne nuit tout le monde!

Innerspace - Etsy spree

In Mila's room, I started a collection of Ms.

I asked the talented Bunny if she could make me one of her fantastic plush letters. And she did. Go Bunny! She's just opened her Etsy shop, you should go and have a looky as she has a lot of treasures!

Photo by Bunny.

I also got this super cute artwork by Swell Kid.

Have you bought stuff from Etsy? Share the love!


Dans la chambre de Mila, j'ai commence une collection de M. Bunny m'a fait un super M en peluche, et j'ai aussi commande une petite peinture a Swell Kid. Et vous, vous achetez des choses sur Etsy?

30 Jul 2008

What I am wearing / Sunglasses

I love sunglasses. Always did, always will. The good thing about this obsession is that good sunglasses shapes never really go out of fashion (and even if they did, to be honest, I would still wear them).
While rummaging around my flat in a packing frenzy, I found several pairs that I had totally forgotten about.

white cat eye glasses - luella
from left to right:
vintage - h&m kids - topshop - rayban (my mum's in the 80s)

I am going on holidays on Sunday, which glasses should I bring with me.... Hmmmmm.

Les lunettes de soleil sont indemodables (et meme si elle ne l'etaient pas, je m'en fiche). Hier j'ai retrouve toutes ces paires dont j'avais oublie l'existence! Quelle paire emporter en vacances?

29 Jul 2008

Mademoiselle Robot loves... Paraphernalia

As promised, this week is the beginning of a beautiful new feature, result of letting my love burst for all those artists and designers out there who make the world prettier.

This time, the lovely Vanda from Paraphernalia answers my questions.
You've all seen her creations on these pages or elsewhere, and as she is a bit of a jewelry genius I am sure her designs will continue to appear everywhere.

❤ How would you describe your personal style?

Quite simple, really - I always wear my pieces, usually the stranger ones, so I like them to stand out. I tend to wear a lot of gray, black, white and red, as well as having dozens of jeans of varying lengths. I work from home in my studio so I'm usually in jeans, t-shirts and flats or converse! I seem to have developed a slight obsession with waistcoats lately, and you'd be hard pressed to find me out and about without one. I have dozens of coats too - they seem to do it for me more than shoes or handbags! Also, I like small ruffles, stripes, and interesting cuts and details in clothes.

❤ What are your inspirations? Designers / artists you admire most?

Doing what I do I get to indulge in my obsession with vintage illustrations, and a lot of these include old dress patterns - while you'll never find me in dresses (they just don't do it for me), I made a vow a while ago not to buy any more "basics" and boring clothes, and I think it comes from the beautiful details of previous centuries' costume design that just make utilitarian, minimalist clothing a bit too "blah" for me.

As for designers and artists, they're too many to mention! I tend to pay more attention to independent artists than to established, big name fashion designers, and my walls are full at the moment with prints bought from Etsy artists - Magic Jelly, Allison Sommers, Matt Cipov and Caitlin Quiet remain firm favourites.

❤ Which of your creations are you the most proud of and why?

Sometimes I think that if I never have to make another Heart or Goldfish I'd be a lucky woman, but they remain some of my favorites and the Heart seems to be the one I wear the most anyway. I love the Moving Collection - it was an idea I had, while (rather unglamourously) walking to the supermarket, and that took me a while to put up for sale. The Migration Collection was extraordinarily cathartic, as I was going slightly mad from cabin fever at the time!

❤ Which trends do you think will be big this Fall? Which ones will flop?

I think originality and individuality will start to be even bigger. I hope to continue to see Fairtrade and independent design gaining a foot hole in people's consciousness. While I appreciate the economic Lipstick effect of buying something cheap and cheerful to cheer oneself up, I'm hoping that people will finally realize that buying mass produced, low cost items costs a lot more in the long run (ethically, personally, and environmentally speaking) than buying something with quality that has been lovingly designed. I love the rise of street fashion websites, individual fashion blogs, and communities like wardrobe_remix on Flickr as they are blessing and a breath of fresh air! I also love to see the combinations that get made with my items on Polyvore, and hope more people will start using it - I love the creativity of it.

❤ What's the most fashionable city in the world at the moment?

Stockholm and Helsinki are setting trends every day, and photos from regular people on their streets are a joy to look at. Tokyo fashion is a wee bit too superficial for me, to be honest, and I think Paris and Milan have long lost their crowns. London, while it has a lot of quirkiness to offer, is perhaps a bit too trendy at the moment as well (sorry!). Originality trumps all for me :)

❤ Which websites do you go to regularly?

I have 130+ blogs on my Blogroll, so there are many! Honourable mentions include Design*Sponge, swissmiss, NOTCOT, bits and bobbins, design is mine, design for mankind, poppytalk, and mirror cities, which combines photos of my favorite cities in the world - Lisbon and Tokyo!

❤ What would you wear on a date?

Show up naked, bring beer? Hah! I'm married, but I guess wide leg jeans, wedges, an interesting top, my Heart necklace and the Moving Kiss brooch would be a good combination!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did!

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

ps - I am so stoked, Vanda is a fan of my blog. YAY!

28 Jul 2008

Intelligent Life / Intelligent gaming

I just read this article about E3 on the Intelligent Life website. It sums up very well the current situation in the video games industry and the massive change in audience that has been going on for a few years (since the release of the Eye Toy maybe?).
Casual gaming has left many hardcore gamers feeling a bit bitter, like someone was "stealing" their hobby or something. I consider myself as a reformed hardcore gamer (read - I don't play as much these days; also read - I have clean hair and clear skin and eat healthy food) and I see the arrival of casual gamers as a great opportunity to widen games audience.
So yes, it is slightly annoying to have your mom trying to explain to you why games are cool when you spent years trying to explain to her that no, you can't turn off the Master System because there's no save function (and she turned it off anyway). Nowadays, if I turn off the console, my mom is the one going nuts. But no matter how annoying it is on the spot, I find it quite charming in the long term. Video games have made it. They have made it because they have become a family hobby. Something that gets people together and keeps them talking. Not something you do all alone in your living room while eating pizza.

Hi! Sometimes it is nice to talk about something other than clothes.

What do YOU think about video games?


Video cover of the week / Don't Make Me Over

This week's video cover is especially dear to me. The original is a classic by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, sung by Dionne Warwick. A couple of years ago, I came across Sleeping States, through friends who introduced me to the lovely & oh so talented Markland. Since then, his dreamy version of Don't Make Me Over has made it in my permanent playlist.
Today, as a pre-holiday treat, I'd like to share it with you.

Sleeping States version

The original

It is so hot today in London, put on this song really loud and lie on your sofa, enjoy the soft soft breeze and drrrrrrrrrift off.



27 Jul 2008

Becoming... Winnie from The Wonder Years

You can maybe see a trend here. The nostalgia trend. I would even say more... The pre-turning 30 nostalgia trend. Which leads me to present to you this week's "becoming": epitome of the girl next door who drives all the boys insane while still being one of them - Winnie from the Wonder Years. TA-DAH!

To become Winnie, you really have to think of two outfits: one to hang out with the boys and play around, the other one to drive the boys crazy.

Nowadays, she seems torn between her pin up image...

... and her brainy UCLA Math professor one.


Also in this series: Lady Oscar, Ugly Betty and Rory Gilmore.

Style icon / Duckie (choose DUCKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!)

I think about Pretty in Pink at least once a day. Be it because of Molly Ringwald's presence, or a longing for my adolescence. And I can't think of this movie without wondering why, OH WHY she picks Blane the bland at the end, and not Duckie. Duckie the perfect, stylish, keen, attentive best friend. Duckie who is NOT gay, and could very well go out with her.

Today, I won't show you tons of photos of Duckie, assuming you all have mental images of him, but I will remind you of one of the best scenes ever in the history of teen films:

Any guy who does this is a winner, really.

25 Jul 2008

Mademoiselle Robot, internet pirate.

Ahoy! It would appear that someone at the telecom exchange tripped on the wire that connects me to the internet hence depriving me from my link to the world. I am currently - and with a little shame - hogging my neighbour's WiFi connection (only two little Airport bars though I swear Officer). This means that basically I am unable to do any substantial updates to my blog today, so bear with me my lovelies.
I am going to use this time to do some IRL stuff though which is GOOD.


24 Jul 2008

Exciting times!

I have been working very hard for your entertainment and I am pleased to announce that new VERY EXCITING weekly features are coming up...
I can only tell you for now that they involve happy banter with some of my favourite designers... Some of them have already been mentioned on this blog, some of them haven't. Some of them are already well known, some of them aren't. The only thing they have in common is my love of their work.

Stay tuned!

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

What I am wearing / Nautical thursday

Sweet Jesus, I am doing an outfit post. Not so much to show my outfit (because I didn't really put much effort in this at all) but to illustrate my point about dressing like a giant child.
Today, I decided to wear this dress, because it is easy and nice and I have a lunch date with my friend D. Then I went about dressing Mila and I opted for her sailor romper because it is mildly hot and I want her to be comfortable.

And then this happened...

Yes, my lovely robot friends, we are wearing matching outfits. Except that she is 10 months old, and me, nearly 30 years old.

I won't say any more.

Off to lunch now!

xxx Mademoiselle Robot

22 Jul 2008

How to wear / Lace

Lace is going to be as big this fall as florals were for the summer. So it is time to start experimenting with outfits to be ready for the cooler days.

At work

On a date

At a gala

One last thing about the lace trend... Lace has to be either vintage or "designer" to look good, and not tacky or cheap.

A vos marques, pret, LACE UP!


In the same series: The boyfriend jacket, High waisted jeans, denim shorts

ps: You might have noticed that I use recurring items in the polyvore outfits, this is because I am trying to create outfits as if it was a real wardrobe, with limited items and the occasional trend update.

Book club / Prep: A Novel

Last time Le Club du Style was in London, she gave me this novel as a present. Neither of us had heard of the author or the book. It turned out to be a really good read, about teenage years, fitting perfectly with my current theme (some would say obsession, tut tut tut) of teen years fiction. Prep did a really good job at making me remember the awkwardness of this period and the contrast between how grown up I used to feel and how young and immature I really was. I am not the most mature person in the world now either, but I feel like I finally acquired some sort of wisdom and serenity about my life and who I am that I couldn't have had at 16. I remember quite fondly the heaviness of things in my teenager's life. How everything was dramatic and definitive, and how the smallest of events took immense proportions ("he walked past me in the corridor, he MUST love me").
It also made me regret wishing away those years of my life, wanting so badly to be a grown up. Now I am a grown up, and what more do I get? Not much. A better wardrobe, and some extra wisdom.

The second effect this novel had on me is that it gave me the will to start writing again. I was so distraught after losing all my writings in a previous computer death that I lost my motivation. Reading Prep made me regain it somehow. Now, now, this doesn't mean I am suddenly going to quit being a sloth and finally write this first novel, but it means that ideas have started flowing, and that at some point a project might emerge from my muddy brain, so stay tuned...

Goodnight to all my human and animal friends.

19 Jul 2008

Style icon / Kate Bush

... since I am beating around the Bush (boodoom tshhhhh), I might as well carry on my fan girl streak and devote a whole post to Kate Bush's amazing style. So amazing, in fact, that I am tempted to use the word "rad", dude.

I am not going to go into the details of her career as there's a Wikipedia entry doing it just fine, but I'd like to share some photos with you.

You can't see the outfits, but she just oozes charisma and style, so there's no need to see her clothes, her face is often enough.

Take this one for example. Why is everyone jerking off to the American Apparel ad campaigns when there's this?

And what about this one? For some reason I see a little bit of Roisin Murphy in there.

And Ivy. Possibly the best photo prop out there. "Oh hello I am just going to get naked and put some leaves on my head and look extraordinary, do you mind? Thanks."

And the best thing... She still looks pretty great now, at 50.

So please everyone, just do a little dance in Kate Bush's honor.

Video cover of the week

The video cover of the week isn't really a cover. It is more of a theme cover. Let me explain: Hayden Panettiere's new song, "Wake Up Call" basically tells the same story as Kate Bush's "Babooshka", only in a super lame ass way.
Testing boyfriend/Husband - Check
Disguise - Check
Disappointment - Check
Good song - Only Kate Bush's, sorry Hayden, you lose.

I laid my eyes on Hayden's video on very clever Kim's blog.

Now please enjoy a bit of music.

And just because I really can't get enough of the Bush, another video.


18 Jul 2008

Robot Lady Who Runs After Squirrel in Bloomsbury

Knock knock... Who's there?

Oh Jeffrey it's you! I was wondering when you were going to show up.
Oh I see you brought some new friends for me...

Wow thanks Jeffrey, they are perfect. Can I call you Jeff? No? Ok.

From now on, please call me Robot Lady Who Runs After Squirrel in Bloomsbury. I can feel the Pocahontas vibes rising...

POW! I am all squawed up.

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell & Lux @ Urban Outfitters

Becoming... Lady Oscar

This time, it is an anime heroine who will be using my makeover services. Who better than Lady Oscar could illustrate the military glam trend?

For those of you who are not familiar with this character, she is a girl raised like a boy by her dad, fed up of having only sons. Lady Oscar appeared for the first time in Berusaiyu no bara (The rose of Versailles), a graphic novel by Riyoko Ikeda. The book was quickly adapted into an anime series, and even Jacques Demy made a film about her!

Also in this series: Ugly Betty and Rory Gilmore

17 Jul 2008

Holiday snaps

Here's the bebe and me roaming the streets of Paris on our pre-holiday adventure. We had to cut it short and run back to London, but I'd like to propose a toast to Paris in the 1990s, when it was still a nice place to live.

Photo by Loulou

How to wear / Denim shorts

Oooooh, denim shorts... They are in every single magazine, on every single blog, even your neighbour has some. But you haven't yet bought into this trend because, unlike your neighbour, you know that you are not Kate Moss. Well you know what? It doesn't matter. You don't need to wear a tiny eeny mini denim short. So today, here's how to wear denim shorts if you are not Kate Moss.

In the city

In the countryside

On the beach

Also in this series: The boyfriend jacket and high-waisted jeans.

15 Jul 2008

Bathing beauties contest

My annual trip to the deepest, happiest place in the countryside is approaching fast. This year, however, I have a big problem: I don't have a swimsuit. I have swimsuit inspirations floating around in my head, but the quest for the perfect item seems to be an endless disappointment. Nothing on eBay that doesn't look like it wouldn't disintegrate upon first contact with water. Nothing in the high street shops that doesn't look like it belongs on a playboy bunny. Nothing in UK internet shops that won't burn a giant hole in my wallet.
I want a RETRO swimsuit. One that ruches over the bits I need to hide. One with a boy leg. One with a halterneck.
One like these.

Tell me, my beloved reader, where do I find such a jewel?

First one of you to find me a great swimsuit for this summer by the 25th of July wins one of my handmade toys!

14 Jul 2008

Tea for Two

I came back from Paris earlier than planned, so I decided to celebrate my return to London by going for tea and cake at the very lovely sugar coated Meals. We sat in plush turquoise leather sofa and listened to Frank Sinatra while eating delicious cupcakes. It is always pretty empty in the afternoon during the week, so it is a nice place to hide away from the world.

London seems quite empty at the moment, probably because everyone is going away on holidays. I also bought a few books, including Vile bodies and The delivery man.

10 Jul 2008

Mademoiselle Robot does Paris... AGAIN.

Hey y'all,

I am off to Paris this afternoon. Travelling alone with bebe for the first time, as Justin has to stay in London for work. Wish us luck!


7 Jul 2008

How to wear / The boyfriend jacket

Every girl should try at least once in her life to steal her boyfriend's jacket. Remember the amazing feeling you get on a first date when he lends you his jacket and you throw it on your pretty chiffon dress? Well you could feel like this everyday. I do since I found a wonderful black blazer in my local charity shop. It is quite similar to the 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket I chose to illustrate this article.

I have actually tested both of these outfits, and they work really well on.

I don't know if it is because I am going out less, or because I am getting older, but I am getting a bit tired of dressing like a giant toddler. I don't think I will ever ditch the stupid accessories and over-sized bows or brooches, but I have been craving an easier wardrobe, where not everything has prints or stuff on. I'd like to be able to pick something and know it will go with anything I own. Because when I have bad days, the last thing I want is to spend hours looking for the perfect outfit.
Do you?


Mademoiselle Robot

Now it is your turn!

Hello everyone,

I see, thanks to my stalking abilities, that I have regular followers.
I also see, that quite a few people read me randomly everyday.

Well... I would like to know how you found this blog, what you'd like to see more of/less of and also, I would like to know you better.

So today, it is your turn to open up to me.

You can either e-mail me (you will find the address on my profile) or leave a comment!


Much love,
Mademoiselle Robot.
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