Intelligent Life / Intelligent gaming

I just read this article about E3 on the Intelligent Life website. It sums up very well the current situation in the video games industry and the massive change in audience that has been going on for a few years (since the release of the Eye Toy maybe?).
Casual gaming has left many hardcore gamers feeling a bit bitter, like someone was “stealing” their hobby or something. I consider myself as a reformed hardcore gamer (read – I don’t play as much these days; also read – I have clean hair and clear skin and eat healthy food) and I see the arrival of casual gamers as a great opportunity to widen games audience.
So yes, it is slightly annoying to have your mom trying to explain to you why games are cool when you spent years trying to explain to her that no, you can’t turn off the Master System because there’s no save function (and she turned it off anyway). Nowadays, if I turn off the console, my mom is the one going nuts. But no matter how annoying it is on the spot, I find it quite charming in the long term. Video games have made it. They have made it because they have become a family hobby. Something that gets people together and keeps them talking. Not something you do all alone in your living room while eating pizza.

Hi! Sometimes it is nice to talk about something other than clothes.

What do YOU think about video games?