What I am wearing / Layering

I don’t know about you, but at the moment, I can never find anything I like in the shops. Even charity shops, vintage shops, nothing nowhere. Apart from Jeremy Scott dresses, nothing tickles my fancy. I could wear mine over and over and over, but that would get boring for everyone to see me wearing big cartoon eyes on my chest every day. Or maybe not. You tell me.

Dress – Jeremy Scott

But I digress… This is not my outfit of the day, you could probably guess by the length of my hair and the youth of my face anyway. Hiya pigeon.

The outfit below is what I wore to go and brave the cold earlier this week. I layered a M&S jersey sundress and a sheer vintage dress (shortened, what a surprise) to create some sort of subtle peplum effect. This outfit really is a mish mash of anything to keep me warm. Underneath both the dresses, I am wearing a long sleeve tee shirt, and a cardigan on top of it all.

I have had this vintage dress for a while but didn’t quite know what to do with it. It was quite long (at least for me – just below the knee) and totally transparent. I only wore it once at its normal length and maybe once or twice when I was pregnant as it is a bit big for me. Then it got used as part of a Norman Bates dressed as his mother Halloween costume, which is when I suddenly thought about cutting it. Now I wear it often as part of some layered outfit or play around with textures (this dress + pvc leggings + cashmere cardigan + high heeled brogues = perfect winter outfit).

I generally hesitate a little before adding too many layers, as I am not a skinny little thing, so I can’t bulk up too much, but once you add a coat, scarf and hat on top of all this, I turn into the Michelin man & it becomes hard to move around or even hold my phone in the street!

What are your layering habits? Do you triple your body weight in clothes when the winter comes?

Brrrrr I want to stay wrapped in my duvet all day!