Style Icon / Roisin Murphy

I know I have written about her being my style icon in a previous post, but I wanted to add a layer of Roisin love after seeing her at the Brixton Academy. I have been a big Roisin fan since the very first Moloko album, & especially after I first saw her on stage doing her demented dance moves. The Roisin I saw this time seems to be the ultimate Roisin, letting herself go and going high fashion all the way, multiple times!

I am not going to write a review of the gig, but I have to share with you the wide range of totally mind blowing outfits she wore. I can’t even remember how many times she changed her outfit, I think maybe about 20 times in 2 hours. I tried to take photos, but my shaky hands and a crappy zoom weren’t a good combination! Fortunately I found a few fan photos online so you can get an idea of what a few of the costumes looked like.

The main idea behind her stage outfits was to wear a white bodysuit and then add or remove pieces of a costume. “The main element I loved was the body suit, which I wear with a pair of trousers on stage and it creates a kind of modular system which hats, coats, shoulder pieces, gloves etc can be layered on top of. It’s a very ingenious idea even if I do say so myself!” (RM, in an interview in The Independent).
The great thing about it is that you can actually make it work for you in your everyday life. You have to get a wardrobe basis of maybe really good tights or leggings and a body suit, that you could wear everyday (several of each would be better) and then be creative about the layering or the accessories to create a different outfit each time. I am going to try this soon and will let you know the results.

If you didn’t make it to the gig, there’s a streaming version of her Brussels show on her official website. Go and watch it soon as it won’t stay online for long!

This interview about her career and latest album is pretty good.

ps – she also wore those Marc Jacobs shoes…

Bonus gift – a few of Roisin’s videos.