Inspiration / Pink Narcissus

I have been thinking a lot about Pink Narcissus recently, especially after a friend posted a photo that reminded me of it.

I saw it in the cinema many, many years ago, totally by accident – a happy accident. The colours, music and atmosphere made a big impression on me and somehow still influence my style. I don’t wear white jeans, white vests and white boots, although believe me, if I looked like Bobby I would.

For a long time, it has been attributed to Andy Warhol, till finally someone found out it had been made by James Bidgood. Photographers Pierre & Gilles also have been largely inspired by the kitschy aesthetics of this film.

So I tried to make a mood board showing what it inspires me, here it is

Pink Narcissus by Mademoiselle Robot

What about you? Which films inspire you?


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