MR Crush: Claire from Six Feet Under

When Six Feet Under was on TV, I didn’t have cable, so I completely missed it. My friends kept telling me how amazing it was, and I always kept in mind this show as something I had to watch. A couple of years ago, as I was spending the weekend in Paris, I found a VHS of season 1 among my things, so I decided to watch it. I had just lost my grandmother and it seemed like an appropriate thing to watch to take my mind off things without totally forgetting about them. I manage to see all 13 or 14 episodes in 24 hours. It was pretty intense, but I have done much worse since. I really got into the show, but as I associated it with a painful time, I decided to take a break from it…

…Till a month ago when I started watching season 2 (again after losing someone I loved), but this time I wanted to keep watching, because the characters had really grown on me. The female characters especially actually, as they are all extremely strong, each in their very own way. I like Ruth, for her totally calm & detached yet totally sentimental take on life, Brenda because she is the very definition of the modern woman. Margaret, I love because despite how wicked her character and how terrible a mother she is supposed to be, she is totally oblivious of the world and doesn’t give a damn what people think . Vanessa I thought was just a devoted mother, and she is now revealing herself (i am on season 4) through depression & confronting her “cheating” husband.

My favourite of them all though is Claire. She has the same poetic detachment from life her mother has, but there is something in her that burns through. Teenage angst, ambiguous sexuality, she seems constantly caught in a limbo between child and woman. Lauren Ambrose portrays it perfectly.

Her look is timeless, she looks as if someone took her straight out of a Botticelli painting and put her in a TV show. I am a big fan of pale faces with very little make up, & her hair colour is just dreamy. Achieving her make up style is actually harder than it seems as creating a “bare face” effect & the perfect complexion while not caking your face up with foundation is a difficult task.
I will never say it enough, but mineral powder is the best to get this type of result. Foundation is too strong, even the lightest ones. Just a hint of blusher on your cheeks and one layer of mascara. A sheer gloss on the lips and you are good to go. Beware though: this is definitely not for everyone!

Did you use to watch Six Feet Under? Who was your favourite character? Do you have a “natural look” you perfected over time?