Wish List / Bags

I have about a gazillion handbags. They pile up in every corner of my room, above the wardrobe, in a suitcase inside the wardrobe etc. I can never bring myself to throw them away or sell them. As a result, I’ve had most my bags for a lifetime. I was talking the other day about the evolution of style, I think mine can be monitored easily by looking at my handbags. I have vintage clutches from my “party” years, kawaii ones from the twee pop years, serious structured ones from the first serious job, totes from university & HUUUUGE ones that I have been collecting since I’ve had Mila, as I always end up carrying my house with me.

Well at the moment, I am looking for a nice slouchy brown bag. The kind of bag that you throw on the floor as you arrive in a cafe, the kind that you can wear on your shoulder or carry nonchalantly in your hand. In the softest leather, really big, with a pretty lining. In other words, I want Jerome Dreyfuss’ Billy bag.

I would also consider a geeky satchel like this

What is on your bag most wanted list at the moment?