Style Tips / Style through the ages

The other day, I was browsing through old photos and realized that my style remained the same for the past ten years but it aged with me. It just adapted to my life… I tried to put together a few tips to let your style age with you, to make sure you always look your best, whatever your age.

❤ Don’t follow trends, don’t be a sheep. Experiment with your style till you find something that suits you and stick to it. If you are desperate to be “on trend”, update your wardrobe with accessories, don’t change your style base. What works for me is super girly dresses mixed in with some boyish pieces (jackets, tee shirts etc) and a lot of childlike accessories & and only certain colours (red, black, white, mustard, grey). My concession to trends is generally through shoes & hats or a experimenting with different colours & textures.

❤ Always dress according to your personality – which doesn’t mean you have to wear beige if you are shy & brights if you are a crazy euro party girl. I am quite shy but most of the time I wear ridiculous outfits that attract attention.

❤ Make sure your style fits your lifestyle. Being a mother made me reassess my accessorizing habits for example. I used to wear A LOT of brooches/necklaces. Well now I have to refrain wearing them when I am with Mila as she likes to tug on them constantly. This led me to a more minimalistic version of my old style.

❤ Don’t listen to people when they tell you they think you should try something else. Style is about instinct. If you see yourself in something and instantly love it, trust your instinct and stick with it. Even if your friend tells you it makes you look fat. I have a few clothes that make me look fat but make me feel fabulous. I’d much rather feel fabulous than look thin!

❤ Try and harmonize your clothing style with your hairstyle, decoration style etc, it is quite relaxing to be coherent. And it helps you define your personality in a stable way. Constant change, no matter how fun it is can be psychologically exhausting.

❤ Finally, no matter how old you are, always make sure you feel great about yourself and proud of your looks & your body. This is the most important tip & could easily be the only one in this list!

Has your style changed dramatically in the past ten years? Do you have photos?
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ps – I received some blog love today from the lovely Skye. By looking at her blog, you will soon realize that her style evolves with her too. She actually is a perfect illustration to this post!