What I am wearing / Winter florals

I found a really nice granny skirt in a charity shop last weekend. It was a bad lenght (try mid calves, how very flattering) so I shortened it, and voilà! I have a thing with skirts, they can never be too short & it must be custom day today as the cardigan was also altered by my clumsy little hands… I added heart buttons to it to give it a new life…
Considering what I just said about skirt lenght, you can imagine how I feel about maxi dresses and such when they come back in fashion. Yep, I’d totally be the kind of girl to shorten a maxi dress. Maxi dress = mini fun.

Skirt – Thrifted
Tee – Uniqlo
Bow-tie – Thrifted
Shoes – Office (gift from Mr Dreamboat himself, he beats me up if I don’t give him credit)
Cardigan – H&M from ten years ago.

Oh… what did you say? The hair? Aaaaah, I am glad you noticed, I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you are asking… Well: I got sent Shine! Therapy straighteners by Remington the other day, so I thought I’d give them a try. I am really pleased with the result, my hair is super straight – and it is normally REALLY hard to tame as it is big and unruly, like horse hair as Monsieur Robot would say!
I don’t know if the avocado oil shine bit is all that amazing because I use shampoo that makes my hair shiny anyway & also because I probably haven’t used them long enough to see a result, but if you are interested, I will let you know.

Nota – You will only ever see me mention products I received if I really liked them & if I would have bought them regardless. I am happy to receive stuff, but if it is not good, or if it is not “me”, I won’t mention them at all.