How to find your unique blogging style.

I wrote a guest post for Independent Fashion Bloggers on Thursday, here it is if you haven’t already seen it.

Nowadays, everyone and their dog has a blog, & even the fashion blogosphere is getting incredibly crowded. So how do you make your blog stand out from the crowd? By developing a unique & personal voice. Here are some tips to help you doing so.

❤ Finding an angle

In the sea of fashion blogs out there, there is probably already one saying what you said, or what you would like to say. It is perfectly normal. There are over six thousand million people in the world, a few of them are bound to have the same idea at the same time. What matters is to find an angle to your post. Just like in journalism, it is important to find an angle for a blog story. You want to cover Fashion Week? Cool, do it. YOUR WAY. Choose a way to cover it that is totally personal to you and get writing. This way, your post will stand out & attract more readers.

❤ Be yourself

You have a personality. You have a blog. You have the two only tools you will even need. Use your blog to showcase your personality, because you know you are wonderful. And the world should know it too, so why hide behind the majority?

❤ Write, write & write some more

Good writing comes from writing. So write, write, write, all the time, whenever you can. You will start developing a unique style, and your brain will get used to thinking about new stories all the time. Try and remember your grammar lessons, because style without good grammar can be a big turn off for your readers.

❤ Be confident

There are so many people out there puking content all over the internet, and it is not always good content. So if even half of you thinks you have something good to say, don’t hesitate and put it out there. Trust your instincts, if they tell you you wrote a good post, they are right. Your blogging style will only develop by making mistakes and trying.

❤ Never take the thinking cap off

The best way to have your own voice and content is to be constantly on the lookout for new stories, and keep your brain on at all times. This is the blogger’s way of life. Sometimes, even when I am half asleep I come up with new ideas for the blog & have to wake up and write them down. Sometimes I look at them in the morning & dismiss them as too lame, but sometimes, I think they are really good & use them.

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