What I am Wearing / Playdate

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Skirt – New Look (was a dress)
Tights – you’ve seen them before
Shoes – Lanvin
Belt – Vintage
Bodysuit – American Apparel
Hair bow – Monsoon

I can’t think of anything better than getting all dressed up to go on a date with one of my best girls on a cold autumn night. Talking about boys, work, boys, boys & boys (although for me, there’s not much to say really).
My favourite equation? Walking around London in unpractical shoes instead of sitting in a bar + eating chips at the Diner + drinking milkshakes instead of booze + walking home with a smile = best evening ever.

For some reason, I enjoy going out in the evening in the autumn or winter more than in the summer. I like being out when it is dark & all the lights are on in houses. I like the smell of foggy nights & walking past people hurrying home when you are just leaving yours. Yay for autumn!