Inspiration / Carnival, Circus & Fun Fairs

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Before I even start, let me clarify something: quoting the Circus in one of my style inspirations does NOT mean I wear my shoes 7 sizes too big & like to wear squirty flower brooches (although who knows, one day, I just might). Now this is done, let’s move on, shall we?

I meant to post this a while ago, after I went to the American Painters exhibition at the British Museum and saw a beautiful depiction of Coney Island by Harry Shokler (top right in the collage). Suddenly, an array of images started dancing in my head, I saw acrobats, young rockabilly couples going to Coney Island, burlesque dancers, sword swallowers in an entertaining mish mash.

The colourful & flamboyant aesthetic of the circus, fun fairs & carnivals inspires my everyday style & guides my accessories purchases most of the time in a very subtle way…

Do you get inspired by this too? How does it translates in your every day style?