Wish List / A.P.C.

I used to think A.P.C. was too beige and austere for my liking (read – boring). So I never even bothered going into the shop to check out their collections. This time, however, I was staying at my dad’s in Le Marais, one street away from an A.P.C. shop, so I thought I’d have a peek. Quelle surprise! There were bright colors there, girly dresses (I’d even say some of them were quite “fun”) and generally an air of lightness that I never witnessed there before.
The men’s stuff was always good, but the women’s collection just lacked a bit of life. And I think they just got it now. Phew.
The three items above are just an example of what I want from there. I couldn’t find pictures of the uber pretty umbrella blouse or of the to die for apple green cashmere cardigan… But who knows, I might one day do an outfit post wearing them…

Do you like A.P.C. now, or did you prefer it in ye olden days?