22 Oct 2008

How to Live Your life, Rory Gilmore style.

When I first started this blog, I had just finished my 3 weeks Gilmore Girls marathon & my head was full of the academic prowess of Rory Gilmore. I then wrote a post announcing I would later write about her positive influence on GG* watchers. For some reason or another, I never got around to writing it. Till now... Almost a year later, everytime I read about Yale, I can only think of little Rory Gilmore. I even sometimes wonder how her life was, on the Obama bus during the presidential campain. Because that's what GG does to you. You get absorbed into a universe, into Stars Hollow & all the characters become friends, members of the family... Sometimes annoying, sometimes enviable... Sometimes role models, like Rory. I am not going to write an essay about it here, this blog isn't the place for it, but I thought I would compile some tips to live your life, Rory Gilmore style.

Being popular doesn't matter, learning does

I remember being a teenager & thinking that all my good grades were the reason I wasn't very popular. I am sure I was not the only one thinking this. Being keen on learning at a young age might not have immediate & obvious merits, but it pays later in life. I can't think of anyone I know who is really "cool" now being popular or cool in high school.

Have goals

Rory is ambitious and has high expectations for herself. We should all cultivate this in ourselves. The higher the expectations, the more chances you will actually get something done. Whether you want to be a dog walker, write a blog, or start your own business, what matters most is to set your mind to it & believe you can and will do it in x months or years.

Read, read, and when you are done reading, read some more

You can learn to deal with pretty much any life situation by reading books. You can learn to write by reading books. You can also live vicariously for a while... Rory is always pictured reading something, often classics as she is still in school, but feel free to experiment, discover & soak up.

Keep the bond strong with your mother

Parents are not the enemy, even though most of us seem to think so growing up. Try for a second to imagine your mother when she was your age. And keep this image in your head when you go talk to her next. Wouldn't you like your relationship with your mother to be like Rory and Lorelai's?

Find a role model or a mentor

If you have goals in life, it is always good to know or observe someone who did it all before. Someone to look up to & if possible ask for advice. It doesn't have to be always the same person, your mentors can evolve with your life & choices.

One thing Rory you shouldn't do

Actually two things - first, don't dump a guy if he is like Jess (Milo Vintimiglia, HI!)
Second & more important thing: Rory in Chilton as a cool uniform & I would only advise you to get inspired by it, but Rory out of school... Fashion wise... How do I put it? It is all a bit bland. So there. That's one thing you shouldn't do like Rory!

I appreciate that this post won't really be that relevant if you are like me about to embark in your 30s and have a pretty sorted life... Or maybe it will?

*GG in this post stands for Gilmore Girls, to avoid confusion.
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