Life Update

I don’t know if you noticed that things have slow down quite a bit around here recently… First it was because of the move, the Summer, unpacking, getting to grips with a new space and place. Then it became something a little deeper. Before I go any further, let me tell you I am not quitting this blog! I’ve worked on it for too many years to let it go (a decade to be precise!).

Things haven’t been easy since moving here. It is hard getting to know a new work place age 38. It is also hard to find my place in an industry I somehow helped create but has now morphed into a beast I refuse to try and tame. I’ve never been one to try and play the game and the few times I tried it ate away at my soul a little. So you won’t see me in a bikini on Instagram, or cosying up to someone “bigger” than me hoping I can grow. As for the fashion – sorry “style” – side of things, well… I think I already expressed my thoughts on the topic. I don’t enjoy parading my outfits. And, I hasten to add, I’ve been wearing jeans and tee-shirt most days for a while, which isn’t exactly worth documenting.

But I enjoy the process of blogging and I enjoy the community you’ve helped me build over the years. So here I am, spewing brain vomit all over you like in the old days!

I have come to a realisation lately: I am done working extra hard on this blog. I want it to be fun again. And I want to be working extra hard on my photography. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have felt extremely inspired by my surroundings and I started making new photo work for the first time in ages. And by this I mean non-commercially driven work, stuff I capture with intent, just to create something beautiful.

My photography website is live at and I currently have a show in Los Angeles called “Petrichor“, which I made in collaboration with Loulou. I travelled around shooting landscapes (with and without models) and after I had them printed, she painted on them. Creating artwork with my best friend has been a great journey so far and my head is filled with ideas.

Sure, I also need to earn a living so I am going to be doing more commercial photography work as well, but being in a place where I am committed to making art is truly amazing. I might be shit at it, who knows, but at least I am in a good place. And I would like to take you there with me if you’ll let me!


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