The Best Juices in Los Angeles

Two things in my Los Angeles life that are both essential and totally unnecessary: barista special bean water and overpriced juices. I can make both at home, but somehow they have an irresistible appeal that has me throwing dollar bills out the window. $10 for some beetroot and kale concoction? *does a little dance*. $5 for bean water with a splash of freshly milked almonds? *sings a little song*.

It is quite difficult to escape coffee and juice here as it seems a new coffee / juice bar opens every 15 seconds. I mean seriously, every other shop in my neighborhood is a coffee/juice shop or sells coffee/juice as well as other stuff. Even the supermarket sells fancy juices and coffee to go. In the land of drive-thru ATMs, I can’t say I am surprised, but still. Today I wanted to round-up some of my favourite juices for you – this way, when you visit Los Angeles, you won’t have to do all the research and spend all the dollars on trying out juices: you can just focus on the best ones.

Illustrations by Louise Androlia


Clover Coco Vert

almond | cashew | coconut meat | spirulina |coconut nectar | tahitian vanilla bean | pink himalayan salt | H2O

almonds | beet | coconut water | strawberry | vanilla bean

coconut water | coconut cream

evening primrose oil | strawberry | rosewater |  coconut yogurt | raw honey | almond milk | coconut meat