Stress-Busting Beauty Favourites


Check me out, sticking to the habit of running a monthly “beauty favourites” post… Two months in a row, we might be onto something here. I really love writing about beauty bits and bobs and I may or may not have a couple of boxes filled with products under my bed. I call it “the pharmacy“. The thing is I am both a beauty hoarder (I like to try new things so I buy new things) and I also get sent many products to review.

At the moment I have a serious backlog, so expect regular beauty updates as I slather various creams on my face for your entertainment (and information).Once again though, I digress. This month, the selection is pretty wide as stress has turned my skin into a battlefield. I usually have a pretty easy-going skin, sensitive yes, but never problematic. At the moment, I seem to wake-up everyday with a new red patch, pimple or weird rash. FUN TIMES I tells ya. Of course, seeing those things creep up like nasty creepers annoys the hell out of me, make me feel like the beast from the Black Lagoon and so as well as feeling stressed out, I also feel highly unattractive. Cool combination, right guys?

Most products featured today are ones I’ve been using either to combat/hide signs of stress or to pamper myself into oblivion. Seriously, my entire body needs TLC right now, from my hair follicles to my toes.


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Not gonna lie, I am wearing way more make-up at the moment than I usually do, mostly because I am trying to hide the various things that seem to be popping out of my skin. To make sure it doesn’t become a vicious circle of too-much-make-up-pores-clogged-more-imperfections, I use the best make-up possible. I also take off my make-up extra conscientiously in the evening, often double-cleansing it. On sunny days I am loving the RMK primer with SPF 30 which saves me from having to wear actual sunscreen as this is guaranteed to make me break out. I am currently rounding up some really great / gentle sunscreens so stay tuned for a Summer skin special coming soon!


Clip-in extensions by Extension Professionals | |


So I am blonde now – it is great, totally new experience. Obviously I want to know what life would be like as a blonde mermaid, but I am impatient and my hair is currently midi-length… Fortunately extension queen Louise Bailey has my back (and yours) as she now offers bespoke clip-in extensions services at Urban Retreat in Harrods. Seriously, they will colour match your extensions perfectly and then blow-dry them into your hair to render you party ready. Or in my case just fulfil my mermaid dreams. I’ve also been using my Phyto Secret de Nuit treatment once a week to repair my split ends, in conjunction with the Wella stuff I told you about last week.


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I know, this is totally full on and definitely an over-indulgent skincare regimen. At the moment, I use and need all these products to keep my skin in check. I basically have a cleansing / toning / serum / moisturising set for day and night + the rose face mask for nights when I sit in the bath and contemplate life for a moment or two. And despite wearing a little more make-up at the moment, I also try to go make-up free one day a week to let my skin breathe. If anything, I should really go make-up free all the time at the moment as my skin, much like me, needs to breathe!

What are your favourite stress-busting beauty rituals?

Some products in this post were sent to me for review.