My ENERGYCODE™ – Follow Up


In collaboration with
Wella System Professional


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my foray into the world of Wella’s new System Professional ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX. I visited their studio in London, full of hair questions and dreams. I said it here before and I will say it again: my hair is an untameable beast, with a mind of its own and an independent life. I actually suspect a primitive life form (possibly a parasite) one day landed on my head and decided to move in.

After two weeks using my special ENERGYCODE™ prescription (and said two weeks involve a pretty hardcore blow-dry incident), I discovered that for all those years, I’d been essentially feeding the hairy primitive life-form on my head the wrong stuff! To put it in much simpler terms: I spent 37 years in the dark, doing all the wrong things to my hair, despite having the right ideas about hair care. You see we should all treat our hair (and scalp) in the same way we treat our skin.

My hair is very dry and coarse, so I only need to wash it once a week, which means I only used the Hydrate Shampoo (H1) twice so far, but I liked the feeling of squeaky-cleanness it left me with in the shower. I used the Smoothen Mask (S3) a few more times though, in an attempt to repair my hair after a disastrous salon blow-dry which left me with very frazzled ends. The product I’ve been using daily (and sometimes more) is the Repair Perfect Ends (R6) – excellent on dry hair to protect the ends and also smooth out any fuzz around the roots.

As a result, my newly bleached-blonde hair is shiny and healthy and ready for the Summer months as I also picked up the Solar Sun Oil (SOL4) as part of my personalised prescription.

Into it? You can get your own ENERGYCODE™ mapping online and get some free personalised samples – join my hair quest! Don’t forget to let me know how you get on by using #myenergycode in your posts…