Compromise, Understanding & Non-Reaction


Guess how long I’ve been waiting for this three day weekend? 1M years at least! Ok, fine, maybe I’ve just been waiting since the last bank holiday weekend, which was just a few weeks ago. And maybe yes, I’ve been travelling a lot, breaking up the work routine a little more. But still. I am exhausted and so stressed out, my heart flutters for no reason, just because. The only times I am not thinking about the upcoming mass of things I have to do is when I meditate in the morning… Even when I sleep, I am packing bags and taking a mental inventory of things to do. Yet this isn’t an episode about anxiety. I was going to skip this week’s recording of Spirit Animal and take a week off from it but then I realised it was like missing a therapy session which is not the best idea at the moment. So here I am, being a grown up and not bunking off, in order to talk to you about compromise, understanding and non-reaction practice…

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