Love & Marriage


I’ve been watching a new show on Netflix called Love, starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust. I absolutely loved the show, pretty much watched the ten episodes of the first season in one sitting. Then wrote about Mickey’s style because I simply couldn’t help it. Mostly though, the show made me think about love and relationships, what makes them work, how we fall in love and why we sometimes don’t. I guess you could say this week’s Spirit Animal is a TV show…

A friend told me when I started this podcast that it was important to be able to stretch the concept… So here I am, stretching the concept. I couldn’t think of an animal in particular that would best embody the topic of “love” for this week – apart perhaps from swans, who keep one mate for life, but I didn’t fancy running an episode about them. Sorry swans. Plus, last week, the animal link was already pretty tenuous and I can’t do this to you twice in a row. So this time let me just properly stretch this Spirit Animal thing and say that our guide this week is a TV show. Or me. Maybe I am your Spirit Animal for the week.

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