Reverse The Routine


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An old Irish legend tells the tale of St Brigid and St Patrick striking a deal allowing women to propose to men rather than the other way around, every four years. This was meant to balance the traditional roles of men and women, much like leap day balances the calendar… In other places, notably around Europe in the middle ages, tradition said that if a man refused a woman’s proposal on February 29th, he had to buy her 12 pairs of gloves, so she could hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing an engagement ring.  These tales are the reason why February 29th is traditionally the one day of the year (every four years) when a woman can propose marriage…

I often hear women around me joking about their indecisive other halves, saying that if he hasn’t proposed by the next leap year, they will take the plunge. Apparently, a lot of women feel this way and a third of women polled by Metro are thinking of popping the question this year… It this seems a little antiquated to you, that’s because it is!  We live in an era of female-empowerment, yet stigmas from the middle-ages remain. Why should women have to wait four years to propose? Why can’t we reverse the routine whenever we feel like it? If a marriage is an equal partnership in love and life, I really believe the proposal should be seen in a similar way – if you have listened to Spirit Animal on Saturday you know how I feel about marriage being an equal partnership.

This year, TRESemmé commissioned Comfort Station to create a range of three men’s engagement rings which hopefully will make it easier for women to reverse the routine whenever they feel like it. Because, that was another issue when proposing to your boyfriend: you can’t exactly propose to a dude with a dainty diamond solitaire. You need something masculine, but infused with sentimental meaning. Until now, it was a pretty hard thing to come by.

In case you were thinking of proposing today, how about waiting until tomorrow? Start shunning outdated traditions now and #ReverseTheRoutine tomorrow instead, when he least expects it!

Would you propose to your other half? If so get in touch here [email protected] to discretely request a ring.


The inside of the ring is engraved with the coordinates of a place which has a special meaning to the couple: it could be where they met, where they proposed or even where they first lived together. This is an extra special unique touch!


Reverse The Routine
Reverse The Routine


There is also an ‘X’ engraving on the outside of all three rings. It replaces the traditional engagement ring stone and gives the ring a more industrial, masculine edge (mind you, I would happily wear this too as an engagement ring!).


#ReverseTheRoutine marks the launch of a new reverse wash haircare system. TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume range invites us to condition first to soften hair, then shampoo to wash the weight away. Hair is left smooth and polished, but still full of bounce.

Reverse The Routine


Open to female UK residents aged 18+.  To enter submit email to [email protected]. with the reason why you want to propose to your partner in max 300 words. 2 entry periods: 1st period opens 11am 29th February and closes 12pm GMT on 7th  March 2016; 2nd period opens  11am 8th March and closes 12pm GMT on 14th March 2016. 1 entry per mail address across both entry periods. Prizes: 5x a 9 carat white gold male engagement ring from Comfort Station. See here for full terms.