October Accessories Favourites


My everyday accessories are more or less always the same, I wear them like as many talismans to take me through the days. Each piece is a memory from a happy time or place, a memento from a friend or a reminder of a promise I made to myself. These are bookended by essentials that come with me wherever I go. On me at all times are my engagement ring, a small handmade rose gold ring with a black diamond found at the General Store in Los Angeles the day I vowed to investigate my Californian future, an evil eye ring bought on a market in Miami during a trip for Basel with my best friend, two Jessica de Lotz rings (one made in collaboration with my super pal Loulou) and my Hermès Médor watch, a long-desired timepiece.

More recently, I added a Curated Editions bracelet to the mix, to wear in the evening when I don’t feel like wearing my watch. That’s for my everyday charms…As well as the above, I always carry a pair of sunglasses with me. Having been blessed with super photosensitive eyes, I can’t be without sunnies, even in the middle of the Winter. The slightest ray of sunshine or a strong breeze is enough to make me tear up, which is generally pretty annoying. However, it also means I get to wear snazzy eyewear all the time, which allows me to justify an ever-growing sunglasses collection.

The latest addition to my collection is this pair of Ray-Ban folding sunglasses, sent to me by Sunglasses Shop. I’ve always wanted a pair of folding sunglasses for the novelty factor and to be able to carry them in my coat pocket at all times. The flash lenses are a firm favourite as they allow me to discreetly observe the world around me without anyone ever knowing what I am looking at (#mysterious). They also offer a higher UV protection which means you won’t see me tearing up in the street this Fall! Their round shape is a great nod to the current 70s trend too, but this is just a little bonus for you… So there you have it: my October accessories edit which really is my January to December accessories edit!