Cream & Black for Fall

While on the topic of High End | High Street this month, I wanted to make sure my first outfit was in keeping with the theme. It isn’t hard for me to achieve as my everyday style is very much a mix of high and low. I wore this getup while filming for TK Maxx during London Fashion Week (you can watch the videos here if you fancy). Apart from my jeans and bag, I found everything in my local TK Maxx when I popped by to drop off some clothes for the #GiveUpClothes charity drive – you didn’t think I would part with that much clothing and not try to replenish at least a little bit, did you? Joke aside, I am actually not planning on replenishing my wardrobe. What I am aiming to do now is to only take in pieces I will love and cherish forever. When I was sorting through my closet, I realised I was donating high end and high street clothing in equal measure and that the amount of money invested in my wardrobe had no effect in the amount of wear any given item was getting. Essentially, I realised some of the “investment pieces” I had so eagerly saved up for turned out to be the wrong investment. I haven’t yet finished analysing why they were wrong for me and why I felt so strongly that they could be right at the time, but I will get back to you on this, as it may be the beginning of a helpful shopping guide.

The pieces left hanging in my wardrobe are all hard-working, often worn items and are also all in keeping with my style and what I want to wear at the moment. This is great as it also helps me see a clearer picture when I go shopping. I can quickly identify whether or not I need something or if it is just an impulse buy that will end up in the charity pile a couple months later. The mix of brands is very much 50/50 between high end and high street. The interesting thing is that I am starting to see a pattern emerging: there are things I always spend money on (jumpers, tee-shirts, blazers) and things I always save on (denim, small accessories, dresses). So when I went to my local TK Maxx to have a browse, I naturally wandered towards the Gold Label section where I found the top I am wearing in these pics (beautifully cut with great graphic detailing). The denim jacket, was found on the other side of the store and I couldn’t resist its boxy shape, frayed edges and print. As for the black suede boots, they were a total steal at £25 and I just had to have them, because I can never have too many pairs of black suede boots and this is a fact.If you are looking to introduce more “investment” pieces into your wardrobe, but aren’t quite sure what the ideal investment is for you, go have a little wander in your closest TK Maxx and you will soon realise the ideal investment piece might just find you. You will see it from the other side of the room, waiting. You will pick it up and if it is the right size then you will know it was meant to be. How’s that for a happy ending?

I am wearing: jacket, top & boots (all found in TK Maxx), Levi’s jeans and Iris & Ink bag.