March 2015 – Exploration

How is it March already? I realise it happens every single year, after January comes February and then March etc, I am not some weird outer space alien. But still: HOW IS IT MARCH ALREADY?!? I am not sure how this one crept up on us like some creepy monster thing. Anyway, it is here now and I for one am pretty happy about this. It means Spring is finally on its way and life outside of my apartment or studio space is becoming an option again. After Christmas, I had become even more of an hermit than I usually am, fuelled by a desire to stay warm over anything else. Basically I started leaving my house only to go to Heathrow and catch a plane to somewhere warm…
And this leads me nicely to this month’s theme, which is very dear to my heart: “exploration“. I am rather curious by nature, always wanted to find out what’s going on everywhere at the same time, so I am a fairly good candidate for a wide range of explorational activities. It doesn’t have to involve faraway lands, it could just be exploring my very own backyard – London, despite recent not-so-attractive developments still has a lot to offer. From my travels past and present, I have collected (and am still in the process of collecting) images and information that might at some point be useful to you too.
But exploration isn’t just about travel and so this month we will also dig deeper into the world of some international designers, discover new and interesting beauty products and think about the idea of “personal exploration” which sort of links back to January’s “Reinvention” theme, but not quite.
As usual, Loulou and Warren will join me in playing around with this theme – we all hope you will enjoy the ride.
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