H By Hakaan From Istanbul To London

I have a confession to make: until a couple months ago, when this project came about, I wasn’t aware of Hakaan’s work. I had heard the name and possibly skimmed over some images along the way, but he wasn’t totally on my radar. Mind you, I am not sure who is on it these days after my conscious uncoupling (lolz) from the fashion industry.
As I sat front and centre Somerset House, waiting for the H by Hakaan show to start, reflecting on the unusually serene atmosphere I witnessed backstage minutes before, I thought perhaps there was some good to be found under a fashion marquee. The first model appeared on the catwalk and my heart soared. The collection, inspired by the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens was a rare visual treat. The colour palette was simple: forest greens, scarlet reds, nudes, whites and blacks, often together, sometimes as monochromatic looks. While most of this season’s runways showcased a distinctly 70s aesthetic (sometimes ridiculously so), Hakaan Yildirim went about it in a much more subtle way. By finding inspiration in this 1975 film I guess you could say his designs are intrisincally linked to the 70s, but the actual clothing is very much a product of the present. His take on tailoring, with corseted tops and diamond embellishments reminded me of Madonna’s famous JPG designed Girly Show costumes crossed with something she would have worn in the “Express Yourself” video – this is always a good thing. This silhouette is declined in a few different colours and shapes, offering a totally new life to the suit as we know it. The humble trouser suit is now elevated to evening wear with a little bit of Hakaan magic.
Then of course there are all the knitted pieces – these have been ever so popular this Winter and are apparently here to stay. In Hakaan’s world, they are printed with an abstract zebra like pattern or simply aran co-ords in pure white. Either way, these are pieces we want to wear straight away and that we actually CAN wear straight away. You know, I really want to wear a diamond embellished pantsuit, but I am not sure how it will find its place in my every day life of meetings and school runs! A knitted co-ord might just be what the doctor ordered.
I went snooping around backstage at his show last week and interviewed the man himself. Here are the results of my fashion exploration.

Hakaan is part of the DHL Exported program, which was created by IMG Fashion and combines DHL’s logistic capabilities to assist designers with their internal logistics and help labels that are established in their local markets meet a global audience. This is why this season Hakaan – as one of the winners –  will be showing his collection on-schedule in London. The winning designers were chosen by a committee of regional experts including representatives from IMG, the British Fashion Council, Japan Fashion Week Organization, Camera Della Moda Italiana, fashion designer Nicole Miller, Lucky magazine editor Alexis Bryan Morgan, Carla Sozzani and numerous industry professionals. This marks the second season for Hakaan with DHL Exported

This is a collaboration with DHL Exported