45 Park Lane

In my recent review of the Runnymede on Thames hotel, I touched on the idea of loving your own backyard – in my case London – rather than roaming the world over the weekend. Sure, around the world adventures might seem more appealing, but there is definitely something to be said about jumping in a cab with your overnight essentials in a chic backpack to check yourself into a hotel fifteen minutes away from home. Could this be what true luxury is about? Indulging not so far from home? I think we are definitely onto something. Cutting the journey out of a trip immediately makes it a million times less stressful, doesn’t it? 
That’s why I was so happy to move into my room at 45 Park Lane on a dark Winter’s day, after yet another trip to Los Angeles that had left me pretty depressed and down on London. I was coming down with a dreadful case of wanderlust and acute LA-itis and the Doctor Dorchester prescribed me an overnight stay at 45 Park Lane with much contemplating, daydreaming while staring at Hyde Park and a room-service party
Now, I’ve stayed in pretty much all of the Dorchester Collection properties, each time proclaiming “this one is my favourite” so I won’t be offended if you don’t believe me when I tell you that 45 Park Lane is my new favourite hotel from the Dorchester Collection, but you certainly should, because it is. A few reasons for this: it is small, almost boutique sized (45 rooms); it is located precisely 15 minutes from my house; the art deco style is to die for; Wolfgang Puck restaurant; impeccable and friendly service; best cookies ever as a greeting. Fine, it doesn’t have the jasmine scented outdoors patio of the Hotel Bel Air, the iconic pool of the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Sex and the City anecdotes of the Plaza Athénée, but it is so perfect in its own boutique way. 
I had the most wonderful time there: it is completely fuss-free, peaceful and relaxing while sitting in the very heart of London.
Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of 45 Park Lane