Letter From The Louniverse – September

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Knight Of Swords
The energy for September is alive and kicking with that familiar ‘back to school’ feeling that we all know and love, and I want you to approach this month with an interest in your own new ideas and a willingness to have a new perspective 
If you are one of those people who sets your sights on something, then charges ahead with not a moment to think, then this is a call to allow yourself to slow down a little. Although we live in world that is constantly pushing us towards knowing everything right now, if you trust that everything happens in perfect timing, to complement your journey, then you can release any ‘need for speed’ anxiety. It is possible to take action without being accompanied by panic, and with a little less of that is possible for you to put all your insightful energy into the present moment, where it can be dispersed at best. 
There is a difference between being a doer and being impetuous. Allow your intentions and passions to be the active part, like the striking of a match – this is where you will find your inspiration and connect to your intuition. Beyond that, allow your actions to flow not race. With this in mind it will be easier to manage your wellness, as well as giving you clear eyes to operate in your best self.
This is a wonderful month to cherish work projects and pursue goals that you thought up over the summer months. Most importantly it is safe to go ahead without fear. If you find yourself being blocked by a pressure to get things done right now, then know that it is only fear that creates that ticking clock and restricted time frame. A more comfortable space to work with is the idea that your life is stretchy, expansive and exciting to explore. Step into this more adventurous time zone this month and allow each moment to take you forward safely into the great unknown.