Gazelles and a biker jacket

I really don’t want to bury the Summer before it even ends, but when I got back from a month away, I was most excited about having a choice between more than 5 things when getting dressed in the morning. Full of good intentions as I was when I packed my case for France, I apparently forgot the Five Piece French Wardrobe definitely wasn’t for this Frenchie. I mean yeah sure I love quality basics as much as your next Parisian lady, but I like choice, even if it is a choice of 10 slightly different white shirts, it still is a choice to me. While I was away I also had a thought about what I wanted my “look” to be for the colder days and I decided on a variation of the above outfit: washed black skinnies, white shirt or tee, biker jacket, trainers (or heels for special days). I might go wild and top it all of with a hat, but that’s pretty much what I want to wear right now. What I feel the most “me” in.
Have you settled on a specific style for the Fall?
I am wearing: , Filippa K shirt, , , MCM clutch, Loulou’s phone case. Shop my biker jacket edit below:
Necklaces (top to bottom): Rachel Roy, “Team Robot” coming soon to the shop, Daisy Knights, Joy Everley.

All photos taken with the Olympus Pen EP-5 – Mademoiselle Robot is an Olympus UK Ambassador