Monsieur Robot – Alpha Industries X Urban Outfitters

There are only a handful of menswear brands that come with a real pedigree. Some tailors have been outfitting men for centuries, some cater to royalty as well as us mere mortals and some have cemented their place in fashion history by having created truly iconic items. 

More than 50 years ago Alpha Industries began its operations in a basement of a rented factory in Knoxville, Tennessee. They quickly became specialists in manufacturing jackets for the U.S. Military. Two specific designs created by Alpha crossed over from exclusive military uniform into the realm of fashion – the MA-1 flight jacket and the M-65 field jacket. 
Alongside with Alpha’s manufacturing expertise and technical proficiency the brand somehow managed to create garments that every man wanted to wear, soldier and civilian. While ‘military’ drops in and out of the never-ending cycle of fashion trends for men the bomber jacket and the field jacket, transcend trends and form the core elements of any man’s wardrobe. 
Urban Outfitters are stocking Alpha Industries for the first time this season. So not only has your one-stop-shop for all things cool added yet another essential label to its roster, but they’re also stocking some exclusive designs that you can’t get anywhere else. I don’t mean to panic you but if you’re thinking of buying one get down to your nearest Urban Outfitters or get on the website asap and buy yourself a piece of menswear history. These won’t be sitting on the shelf for too long. My money is on the M-65 field jacket. Although a quick word about the reversible bomber: it’s basically two coats for the price of one. It’s a no brainer. Check out the full drop above. Follow me @RobotMonsieur