Monsieur Robot – Kit Neale

So as promised it’s time for me to focus on some of the stand out collections from LC: M. On Day 3 we had Fashion East, where up and coming designers have the opportunity to show their collections together. By the time we’d gotten to this point of LC: M, I was practically bored to death with most of what I’d seen. Kit Neale‘s presentation last season was a highlight for me, featuring a painstakingly crafted greasy spoon set where models in Myra Hindley wigs showed off his trademark ostentatious cartoon prints on shiny puffer jackets paired with comedy slippers. Some people hated it but these are the kind of people who are threatened by anyone brave enough to embrace colour and print on this scale. Kit Neale isn’t for wallflowers, and design wise his tongue is always firmly planted in his cheek. Check out the racetrack prints, ‘Perfect Fried Chicken’ logo and the in-your-face kaleidoscopic colour palette. 

To me Kit Neale’s aesthetic references the early London club kid scene but at the same time acts as a modern take on the English eccentric, think Beau Brummell with a ketamine problem. The fearless use of colour and clashing prints is a perfect example of British streetwear at its best. Streetwear in London is the most exciting and vibrant in the whole world, have you walked around Paris or New York recently? Total snoresville. To cut a long story short I’m obsessed with Kit Neale and if you don’t like him then I don’t like you. I literally can’t wait to get my hands on this collection. 

Traduction – Un de mes coups de coeur à LC: M était Kit Neale et ses imprimés flamboyants.

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