Hoss Intropia (Part II)

Last week, I showed you the “casual” outfit I put together for Hoss Intropia. This time, I set to work creating an “Office” look. I could have gone the pantsuit way, which is always fairly appealing, especially when there are some great printed trousers on offer, but instead I went the more classic route, with this cute spin on the Little Black Dress and the Coat Of Dreams ™. I could write a song for this outfit, this is how much I love it. After the shoot, it took 10 strong men to pry the dress and coat off my grabby hands. I reluctantly gave them back and now live in a fantasy world where I go to the office every morning on the Black Phantom dressed like that. And I could, if my grabby hands had held on just a little tighter.
Traduction – Ma tenue “bureau” pour Hoss Intropia. J’adore ce manteau et cette robe.
All clothes are from the Hoss Intropia pre-Fall line, shoes from Office. 

Photographs by Terence Webb

This is a collaboration between Mademoiselle Robot and Hoss Intropia