Monsieur Robot – My Kinda Peoples

Team Robot are on their way to Italy as you read this, which is a bittersweet trip for me as I’m going to miss the first Menswear Collections in London. You’d think they’d cancel it because I’m not going to be there right? They haven’t though: ridiculous! I have heard that when Tom Ford was told I wasn’t going to be there he was inconsolable but nevermind, he’ll get over it. Team Robot are going to be tearing Italy a (very stylish) new one, just for you though and that’s what’s really important. 

Italy is having one of those summers where the sun is in the sky shining all the time… remember those? This of course is the perfect excuse to buy some new sunglasses, yes I know I bought some a few weeks ago but I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger if I wasn’t endlessly buying clothes and accessories that I don’t really need would I? This time I’ve gone for some serious shades – Oliver Peoples. Thankfully I’m in good company, Jay Z has been spotted in the shades I chose and as if that wasn’t good enough here’s a video of Devendra Banhart and his lady friend hanging out in their Oliver Peoples shades. This is exactly what me and Laëtitia get up to all day. It’s a hard life.
I had a cat named after Devendra once, that’s how much I love him. Now we have the same shades. Maybe he’ll name his cat Warren, who knows?

Traduction – Team Robot est en route pour Florence, et nous vous survolons probablement là tout de suite (regardez en haut!!! trop tard). Cela veut dire que je rate le weekend de la mode masculine à Londres, mais que voulez-vous, c’est la vie. Tom Ford va être dé-vas-té le pauvre. 

En ce moment en Italie, c’est vraiment l’été, vous savez, celui avec un soleil qui brille dans le ciel? C’est fou non? C’est donc l’excuse parfaite pour acheter de nouvelles lunettes de soleil, je sais, j’en ai acheté il y a quelques semaines, mais c’est mon métier, non? Cette fois-ci, j’ai opté pour des Oliver Peoples. Si c’est bon pour Devendra Banhart, c’est bon pour moi.