Monsieur Robot – The General Store

Monsieur Robot visits the General Store and tells you all about it.

There was a quiet revolution in Shoreditch recently – a little unassuming shop called General Store opened up to turn menswear on its head and blow my tiny mind. The General Store is a concept shop from Topman that might just blow your tiny mind too. With a carefully selected (or should I say curated?) range of Topman’s premium lines, the trendiest stuff from their normal collections and a whole host of other goodies you won’t find elsewhere, it’s fast become my favourite shop. I had decreed that there was no longer any need for me to travel to the West End anymore (a boy needs his Topman) but just when I’d said that they went an opened up a new store…

The concept behind the new shop on Earlham street (off Seven Dials) is to draw inspiration  from the local community and surroundings – in short both General Stores are different, with unique goods, brands and vibes. So you get the best of Topman (without having to battle past spotty teenagers stinking of Lynx) plus books, vintage stuff, coffee (I know right?) and loads more. 
My verdict on the General Store? Best. Idea. Ever.
Traduction – La chaîne mode pour hommes Topman a ouvert il y a peu une boutique concept dans le quartier de Shoreditch: The General Store. On y trouve la gamme Topman premium, les pièces les plus branchées de leur collection en cours et aussi plein de choses introuvables ailleurs. Récemment, The General Store s’est aussi installée à Earlham Street, dans le quartier de Seven Dials, non loin de Covent Garden et puise son inspiration dans la communauté et son environnement. Pour résumer, vous y trouverez le meilleur de Topman (sans les ados boutonneux), mais aussi des livres, des pièces vintage, du café et bien plus encore. 

The General Store Shoreditch – 98 Commercial Road
The General Store Covent Garden – 36 Earlham Street

The General Store