Mini Robot – River Island Kids

Yesterday afternoon, Mini and I headed to the River Island showroom for a chocolate workshop and a peek at their new children’s collection.

The clever peeps at River Island had turned the showroom into a perfect birthday party set up for the afternoon and had invited a few journos & bloggers to come along with their offspring. There was face painting, snotty noses, chocolate making, screaming children high on E numbers, balloon animals, the works. As a mum, I would never even venture into this territory for fear of having a nervous breakdown so massive, massive kudos to the RI team for their dedication to the kidswear cause.
The range itself is pretty cute and very trend oriented. It mirrors the womenswear collection so you can walk around holding hands with a mini version of yourself if you are so inclined. That’s not really my cup of tea, but Mini was really pleased when she realised that the “L.A” tee-shirt she had seen in the “grown-up” bit in a RI store was available in her size. 

river island kidswear
river island kidswear
river island kidswear