DIY Floral Flatforms

In my 5 years writing this blog I haven’t made a single DIY post. Better late than never eh? Last year I bought some semi-flatforms from office and I wore them loads, to the point I was getting really tired of them. So I started thinking about replacing them with some snazzy flower embellished soles flatforms I’d seen on asos, but felt they were a little gimmicky for £85 and they weren’t quite right for me. So I decided to make my own… and it is super easy.
All you need is a pair of flatforms (or wedges), some flat earring pins, small satin flowers, a nail and a hammer. Even if you add up the cost of the shoes and the rest, it still amounts to less than £85 and your shoes will be totally unique so it is worth it!
Traduction – Pour donner une nouvelle jeunesse à votre paire de sandales compensées il vous faut: des sandales (évidemment!), des clous plats pour boucles d’oreilles, un clou, un marteau et des petites fleurs en satin.

Tout d’abord, préparez les trous dans la semelle compensée. Ensuite, mettez un clou plat au coeur de chaque fleur. Enfoncez les clous plats dans la semelle compensée, dans les trous que vous aurez préparé en avance. Et voilà! Si vous n’avez pas le courage ou le temps de vous lancer dans la customisation, il y a le lien vers des sandales compensées quasi-identiques sur asos.

Insert the flowers + pins in the sole and voilà – a new pair of shoes. The best is that if you get sick of the flowers you can just remove them.

If you can’t be bothered to DIY, here are the asos flatforms – Hide & Seek blackwhite