What Happens In The Windows…

I seem to be writing a lot about “last week” on this blog at the moment! So much for up to the minute content. Anyway – for those of you who didn’t know, I spent last Thursday goofing around in Forever 21 on Oxford Street with three other bloggers (Lily x 2 and Alexxsia). We did a spot of outdoors filming, a bit of silly window dancing and while the other girls mingled in the store, I played some serious tunes. All in all, a really fun day.
This is me and cardboard me – which one is which? Can you tell?
Apparently I like to make a fool of myself when placed in a shop window.
Special film crew – The Johnnys.
Alexxsia also likes to goof around with her cardboard self.
Hard at work, filming in the street. Here we are definitely modelling H to T.
Still hard at work, this time DJing.
They made an extremely realistic statue of me on St Christopher’s Place, possibly because of all the hard work I did.
This is the fun window, where magic happens. 
… or you can just call me Laëtitia.